Take advantage of the newest technologies in the ski and snowboard service


The ultimate service for skis & board

Drop your equipment off in the evening and pick it up the next morning after a perfect overnight maintenance servicing. In any of our 5 Shops of course. The choice is yours!

The perfect ski or board service for more joy and safety

How often a service is necessary depends on the snow conditions, the terrain and your personal performance level. Major damage to the coat or the edges should be repaired immediately.

We recommend Ski or Board tuning:

  • Before skiing for the first time in winter
    in order to remove any rust from the edges and to perfectly prepare the coat for the respective snow conditions
  • After about 5 days on the slope respectively
    in order to repair smaller and larger damage to the coat or the edges, which can have a negative effect on the performance and the stability of the skis or the board.
  • At the end of season
    to make the ski fit for the summer. An additional wax layer protects the edges from corrosion.

With the WINTERSTEIGER MERCURY we’re opening a new chapter in the “ski service” arena. Not only is it much more fun when the ski or board is in perfect condition, but it is also much safer and more comfortable to ride. See for yourself.


Full service 39,00
Edge sharpening and waxing 29,00
Waxing 10,00

Snowboard Service

Full service 45,00
Edge sharpening and waxing 35,00
Waxing 12,00